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Global Shoe Giant Aldo Group Has Tapped flexReceipts to Power Personalized Email Receipts

ORLANDO, FL, August 22, 2017, Orlando based flexReceipts, the leading enterprise digital receipt provider, announces that global shoe and fashion retail giant, Aldo Group, has leveraged flexReceipts to provide personalized and interactive e-receipts to its North American and United Kingdom stores. flexReceipts’ powerful technology provides an already impressive client roster with a high converting incentive for acquiring in-store customer contact information, and ... Read More »

Good to Great: Taking Camping World Receipts to the Next Level

We’ve been posting a lot of best practices and tips lately for taking email receipts and other retail strategies to the next level, but a picture can be worth a thousand words.  Today we are starting a new series called Good to Great: Taking Email Receipts to the Next Level. To be clear, it’s not our intention to pick on ... Read More »

5 Best Practices for a Better Retail Customer Experience at Checkout

Closing the sale is your ultimate goal as a retailer. Everything you do is leading to the moment of purchase – so you want that moment of purchase to be perfect. You don’t want anything that potentially dissuades your customer from completing the purchase, or sticks in their mind and prevents them from making a future purchase.   With that ... Read More »

9 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Post-Purchase

Anyone in retail should be able to tell you that getting a customer to purchase the first time is only half the battle. Once they’ve purchased, you have to work to keep them engaged so they stick around, become a loyal customer, and make repeat purchases. But it can be a real struggle to keep a customer engaged post-purchase. How ... Read More »

Why eReceipts Will Help All the Stores Closing in 2017

More stores closed in 2008 than ever before - 6163 in a single year. Yet 2017 is poised to outdo 2008 by a long shot. As of June 20, 5300 stores have announced they are closing some (or all) of their doors, setting 2017 up to close nearly twice the amount of stores in 2008. There is a key difference ... Read More »

Is the BPA on Your Receipts Giving Your Staff Cancer?

Your paper receipts could be causing breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and negative brain alterations. Ouch. As a retailer, you never want to be putting your customers or your staff in danger, at the very least because you don’t need to deal with lawsuits and OSHA violations. So it’s pretty important to investigate possible causes of harm within your store ... Read More »

The 11 eReceipt Best Practices You Need to Know

eReceipts are taking their place as the best method to distribute receipts and as a powerful retail marketing tool. They already have between a 30-50% adoption rate with customers. Of course, that doesn’t happen instantaneously. You need to be sure that you’re optimizing your program and utilizing best practices so that every aspect of your digital receipts program is as perfect ... Read More »

Destination XL Partners with flexReceipts to Provide a Flawless Omnichannel Experience

CANTON, MA, May 5, 2017, Destination XL, a renowned all-inclusive men’s clothing retailer, today announced a strategic partnership with dynamic email receipts leader flexReceipts, Inc. This new partnership allows Destination XL to round out their omnichannel strategy with a robust email program sending dynamic receipts to their customers. flexReceipts, Inc. is the leading enterprise provider of dynamic email receipts for ... Read More »

6 Customer Satisfaction Hacks to Improve Your Customer Service

A life hack is a strategy or technique that helps someone live their life in a more efficient manner. They can be pretty ingenious – like using a can opener to open blister packaging instead of scissors. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could implement some simple strategies and techniques at your store to “hack” your customer satisfaction (ie make ... Read More »

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) – The Retail Email Marketer’s Guide

If you are a retailer who operates in Canada, or otherwise sends emails to Canadians, it’s time to pay attention. Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is already one of the toughest laws in the world on spam. Starting July 1, 2017, though, it’s about to get lot tougher. Before we go any further, you should know digital receipts provide the #1 solution ... Read More »