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Top 5 Tips for Collecting Email Subscribers for Retailers

We all know email is the most successful marketing channel. But in order for it to be your most successful, you have to have subscribers to email. As a retailer, you face unique challenges to your list building, especially if you have a brick and mortar location (or are brick and mortar only). Unlike a B2B business, you can’t really ... Read More »

How to Ensure a Top-Notch Customer Experience: A Guide for Brick & Mortars

If you know anything about retail these days, you know that customer experience is arguably the most important thing for brick & mortar retailers. A phenomenal customer experience leads to customer loyalty and sales. Customers live in a world where they have hundreds of options when it comes to buying a product, many of those options online and super cheap. ... Read More »

Customer Loyalty: What is it and How do You Get it?

Alec Baldwin’s mom refuses to leave the East Coast to live closer to her children for one reason: Wegmans, an admittedly pretty incredible grocery store. She can’t imagine not having Wegmans in her life, so she’d rather continue to live alone in Rochester, NY, than move to sunny California to be with her sons. That’s some customer loyalty. As a ... Read More »

Why Digital Receipts are Key to a Flawless Retail Marketing Strategy

You may have heard of digital receipts, also known as e-receipts. They’re a fast growing trend for brick-and-mortar retailers and for good reason. (eCommerce retailers have, obviously, long been employing digital receipts.) If you’re not using e-receipts at your brick-and-mortar locations, it’s time to make the change. Digital receipts are crucial to providing a flawless customer experience and creating a ... Read More »

What are Transactional Emails?

If you’re new to email marketing, you may find yourself confused by all the vocabulary. Which is normal – there are certainly a lot of new words and phrases you’ll have to pick up. One of those new phrases is ‘transactional emails.’ What are those? Are they different from regular emails? Should I have a third question about transactional emails? ... Read More »

7 Transactional Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Retail Sales

As email marketers, we are constantly trying to get the highest open and engagement rates to drive high quality traffic to our sites. It’s our mission in life, and we fight the good fight to often get returns of less than 20% open rates and 10% click through rates. Which means even less impressive traffic to your site. But what ... Read More »

flexReceipts named Most Popular App during Verifone’s Appathon


In early August this year, Verifone hosted its inaugural Appathon where developers participated to build applications on the Verifone Commerce Platform. The two-day Appathon was sponsored by Intel and developers were given early access to Verifone’s new developer tools for non-payment commerce applications, and hands-on training with a detailed look at how the Commerce Platform and App Marketplace is transforming the point of sale. At the end of the two-day Appathon, 22 teams ... Read More »

flexReceipts one of 18 startups poised to disrupt and drive the future of retail

Tomas Diaz, CEO of flexReceipts, presents at NRFtech. flexReceipts was named one of 18 startups poised to disrupt the retail industry.

From drones and bots to social shopping and smart e-receipts: NRF’s Artemis Berry gives us a rundown of the most thought-provoking pitches at NRFtech. Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are just a few of the companies that are the pace cars in today’s innovation race. But there are thousands of other businesses just waiting to be discovered, ready to disrupt consumer behavior and ... Read More »

Synchrony Financial Invests in flexReceipts, Inc.

Strategic Investments Group Makes Investment in Emerging Technology Provider of Digital Receipts and Customer Engagement Solutions STAMFORD, Conn.–Synchrony Financial (NYSE:SYF) today announced a strategic investment in flexReceipts, Inc., a provider of enriched digital receipts, data analytics and customer engagement solutions. The investment was made through Synchrony Financial’s Strategic Investments Group, which focuses on investments in early stage companies with potentially ... Read More »

flexReceipts Completes YCombinator, Secures $2.5M in Funding

Orlando— flexReceipts, the leading enhanced digital receipts solution, today announced it raised $2.5M in additional funding. This round, which brings the total funding raised to date to $5 million, was led by Point Judith Capital, a Boston-based VC firm that focuses on consumer and enterprise technology investments. Synchrony Financial also joined as a strategic investor alongside YCombinator, Altair Venture Capital, ... Read More »