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Lose The Paper!

Say goodbye to the old ways of managing receipts. No more lost, damaged, or misplaced receipts. Now get your receipts in one place, wherever and whenever you want.

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online receipt management software
  • Completely Digital

    Lose the paper! Paper receipts are antiquated, inconvenient and wasteful. Far too often, they end up in a trash can. flexReceipts digitizes paper receipts and delivers them right to your email inbox or your cloud-based flexReceipts account. Oh, and it’s also good for the trees: It takes 600 million trees to produce paper receipts.

  • Secure Storage

    Your privacy is our utmost concern. flexReceipts keeps your data stored securely. Our practices are monitored and verified on a daily basis to ensure we are maintaining the industry’s highest security standards. We also vow to never sell your personal data.

  • All in One Place

    Throw away the shoe box! flexReceipts’ online portal allows you to file and track receipts. Our built in categories make budgeting and accounting a snap.

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