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Email Marketing: Independent Retail’s Ace in the Hole

It’s no secret that many independent retailers are struggling with lower store traffic. Online shopping acts as a huge draw from brick-and-mortar business, while the aggressive strategies of the large national retailers create further difficulties. An examination of traditional marketing strategies indicates that independent retailers will need to implement new strategies to compete in their markets. Current Industry Trends Decline ... Read More »

A partnership with RIS Magazine: Optimizing the Post-Sale Opportunity

The following white paper is a collaboration between flexReceipts and RIS Magazine. A successful post-sale engagement plan begins with a digital receipt Is a nice smile, a wave and “Come back soon” all you’ve got when a customer leaves your store? Do you have post-sale engagement processes in place? If the answer is “no,” then you are not alone in retail, but ... Read More »

ARTS Webinar — Go Beyond the Sale with Digital Receipts… watch it here

Whether you missed this informative webinar hosted by Karen Shunk, VP ARTS NRF, or simply want to watch it again, click below to view this very informative webinar featuring Russ Rosen, CIO of Rooms To Go, and Tomas Diaz, CEO of flexReceipts. Read More »

Media Mentions

flexReceipts named Most Popular App during Verifone’s Appathon

In early August this year, Verifone hosted its inaugural Appathon where developers participated to build applications on the Verifone Commerce Platform. The two-day Appathon was sponsored by Intel and developers were given early access to Verifone’s new developer tools for non-payment commerce applications, and hands-on training with a detailed look at how the Commerce Platform and App Marketplace is transforming the point of sale. At the end of the two-day Appathon, 22 teams ... Read More »

flexReceipts one of 18 startups poised to disrupt and drive the future of retail

From drones and bots to social shopping and smart e-receipts: NRF’s Artemis Berry gives us a rundown of the most thought-provoking pitches at NRFtech. Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are just a few of the companies that are the pace cars in today’s innovation race. But there are thousands of other businesses just waiting to be discovered, ready to disrupt consumer behavior and ... Read More »

WSJ: FlexReceipts Seeded for E-Receipts Business

The Wall Street Journal recently covered the news of flexReceipts’ latest funding: “FlexReceipts, which provides digital receipts and marketing tools for retailers to generate more sales, has raised $2.5 million in seed financing. Point Judith Capital led the round, with participation fromSynchrony Financial, which provides white-label credit cards for companies such as Wal-Mart, as well as Y Combinator, Struck Capital and Altair ... Read More »

We’ve created an offline cookie for the real world.

flexReceipts was recently mentioned in an article by The Atlantic on the future of Silicon Valley. “The future of technology will emphasize data, which will be leveraged and monetized. For some companies, the primary value lay not in the products, but the data sets that those products would facilitate. One of the starkest examples of this was flexReceipts, whose software ... Read More »

TechCrunch: Deliver targeted marketing messages easily with flexReceipts

TechCrunch reviewed the top start-ups coming out of Y Combinator this winter. See what they had to say about us. “Retailers spend $2 billion a year on paper receipts, but by switching to email, they can collect valuable contact information plus deliver targeted marketing messages. flexReceipts lets them do this easily, while it collects the SKU, quantity, price, location, and ... Read More »

flexReceipts featured in Y Combinator Blog

Y Combinator recently featured flexReceipts in it’s Y Combinator Posthaven blog “Although consumers increasingly like to shop online, over 90% of purchases made today still occur offline, in physical stores. Even so, the growing field of targeted digital marketing is primarily focused only on driving online purchases — completely ignoring a big part of the industry’s shopping activity. flexReceipts is ... Read More »